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Privacy policy

Who is the administrator of your data?

Administrator, a decisive subject of your data and how it's going to be used is AWP Parts Sp. z o.o. located in Łódź, Poland on Żeligowskiego 3/5 street the owner of online shop available under www.amerparts.net (later on "amerparts.net")

How can I get more details about how my data is processed?

In order to receive more information about how your data is being processed you should email us, make a inquiry and we will provide all the information, please send all the inquiries to info@amerparts.net or send a letter to  Unit 4 Lendal Court, Gamble Street, Nottingham, NG7 4EZ

How did we obtain your data?

We received your data from you during making of your account on amerparts.net and also later on as they were neccessary to realize your orders made on amerparts.net

What is the reason behind processing my data by AmerParts and is it reasoned by law?

We process your data, because it was neccessary to make a deal between you and AmerParts and also required to:

-enable us to provide you our full service, that means: being able to purchase goods at our online shop and online invoices
-create and operate your account; or accounts and to provide full customer service, transactions and to solve technical issues.
-help with complaints that might be done on amerparts.net
-help with inquiries which might be sent on amerparts.net
-keep in contact in case it's neccessary to provide you our full service, also if law requires us to do so for banking reasons.

We also process your data for reasons listed below:

-to monitor your activity and all the other users on our website, that means: looking for key words and also managing your activity on amerparts.net
-to adjust our offer based on your search.
-for marketing reasons (direct marketing included)
-to be in contact, only by your agreement, for marketing purposes.
-to organize promotional compaigns, competitions in which you can participate.
-debt collection purposes.
-to analize data.
-to store it for archiving reasons

If you agree on that, we can also process your data to:

-store the data from cookie files
-to organize events, promotional camgaigns in which you can participate in. The agreement on processing your data can be reversed at any moment, the same way you agreeded on it.

Is it neccessary to provide my data?

Yes, it is neccessary for us to have your data. Only when provided your data it is possible for us to provide you our service and make a deal with you.

The data we need from you:
-e-mail adress, login, password, phone number and company details.
If for any reason you are not willing to provide us these details then sadly further co-operation will not be possible and as result you will not be able to use amerparts.net
If law requires us to, we might have to ask you to provide more details for banking reasons, for any other reasons providing your data is voluntary.

What are your permissions over the data processing process?

We gurantee to meet all of our enforced by data protection law from 25.05.2018 requirements, that is permission to access your data, permission to fix it and permission to remove your data, and ability to reduce our processing of your data.

You can use your permissions if:

- in case you have tried to fix your data and it has not been fixed. It remains wrong or incomplete.
- in case you have asked for removal of your data when your data is no longer needed to be stored; and or processed the data should be removed as it is a responsibility of AmerParts to remove it.
- in case you want to limit processing of your data: if you spot that your data is incorrect you can send a request to limit the processing of your data for a period of time that will allow us to check whether your data is correct or not and to fix it
- in case you don't think your data is being handled properly on our end you can send a case to court

In which cases can you deny us from processing your data?

You have absolute permision to prevent us from processing your data, if:
- in case processing of your data meets the requirements of law or is for statistics purposes, however your permision is reasonable due to specific situation you have found yourself in.
- in case your data is being processed for direct marketing purposes.

Keep in mind that the permision to reduce/prevent us from processing your data goes live at 25.05.2018

Who do we share your personal data with?

Your data is shared with banking company ENTERPRISE SUPPORT sp. z o.o. and hosting company H88 s.a. Located in Poznań, Poland.

How long is your data stored for?

We store your data for the time it's necessary to store it for, that being said it's stored as long as the deal between AmerParts and customer(you) is up, and also after it expired because it's neccessary to be stored because: 


- it will be neccessary to investigate claims that customer might make to deal
- it is neccessary to do enforced by law responsibilities such as banking
- for statistic and archive purposes
- and it can be stored for max. 10 years after the deal has expired.

We store and process your data for marketing purposes as long as you allow us to do so and as long as deal between AmerParts and customer is active, or untill you send a request for us not to.

Is your data send to countries outside of the EU?

Your data is not send to any country outside of the EU

Do we process your data automatically in a way against the law?

Your data is not being processed automaticaly therefore no law can be broke here.

Protection of your data – safety.

In order to protect your data from unauthorized authorities we use standard means of protection such as encrypting, password and physical protection. Your data is stored on a protected server and protected by FireWall. Your debit card details are not stored by amerparts.net

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